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Corn, Tomato and Black Bean Salad with a Lime-Chipotle Dressing

We’ve been making salad for dinner. Given the heat, we’ve been making salad for dinner a lot. Last week, for instance, we managed to not turn on the stove for five consecutive days. It’s fair to say that I have … Continue reading

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Roasted Potatoes with a Chili-Roasted Garlic-Pepita Sauce

I made these with Chimp in mind. A large pile of potatoes makes him happy, especially if the pile also includes hot stuff. He seems to have a palate made of asbestos – he has little sense of smell, which … Continue reading

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Vegan Spring Tacos with Cucumber, Radish and Avocado

I came home from WFM the other day, having gone there for a few staples. “I found some local food you’ll like,” I said to Chimp. “What’s that?” he asked. I held up a snack-food bag. “La Tapatia tortilla chips.” … Continue reading

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Coconut Cream of Tomato and Corn

Earlier in the week, when we went grocery shopping, I thought I would make a tortilla soup. By the time it got to be yesterday, though, I was no longer very excited about the idea. How could I make a … Continue reading

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Tortilla Casserole Redux

I’ve posted this before, with a loose recipe. I made it for dinner tonight, so I thought I’d take a picture and write out the version I did tonight, which was a little more involved. Preheat oven to 425 degrees … Continue reading

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Refried Beans

Refried – one of the greatest misnomers in food? Perhaps not quite up there with the difference between sweetmeats and sweetbreads, sure, but deceptive nonetheless. This is more work than opening a couple cans. It’s very good, though, and dry … Continue reading

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Mexican-Inspired Squash

When you like something that’s healthy more than the person you’re in a relationship does, there have to be accommodations made.  That’s what this recipe is about. I love squash.  I loved it when I was a baby.  My mother … Continue reading

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