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Baba Ganoush & The Eggplant Incident

My lack of love for eggplant has been previously mentioned herein.  Each summer, though, the tide of eggplant rises along with the other nightshades – tomatoes, peppers – and eventually, a globe or two shows up in our CSA box … Continue reading

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Sloppy Mobys

Eh, the lighting needs work in that, but the important part of the lighting task is accomplished: you can see what it is that’s being photographed. My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Internal Regulation System says: “That’s good enough. Sit down and … Continue reading

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White Flour

I don’t put much time in at the regular supermarket. I end up there on occasion when I need aluminum foil or dried chilies, but most of the time I’m living in my little specialty foods retailer cocoon. Before we … Continue reading

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Roasted Garlic

This may not be as in style as it was ten years ago, but it’s still awesome, can improve a great number of things, makes you look like you really can cook up a storm, and happens with almost no … Continue reading

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Mostly Honest Garlic Bread

Michael and I went shopping at WFM last night after work and after that were too tired for anything but pasta and sauce. Happens to the best of us. So we grabbed a baguette too and made some garlic bread. … Continue reading

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his is a cheesesteak-inspired sandwich. I have never eaten a cheesesteak, but Michael, who has lived in PA, says that this is better because it’s without all the crappy processed cheese & scary meat. There are optional mushrooms and cheese … Continue reading

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