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What’s In the Box

After I picked up the box last night, I was too swamped with cooking and work to get to this then, so here it is on Thursday lunchtime. We have in the box this week: Red Roasting Potatoes (Wonder if … Continue reading

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Something Simple with Zucchini

This white bean and zucchini stew is an old standby; over polenta or pasta or with a slice or seven of garlic bread, it is a comfortable balance of familiar flavors that makes me feel calmed and taken care of. … Continue reading

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Sorites Paradox Pesto

I had to ask my husband the professional philosopher tonight, “What’s the name of the idea about how much of something you have to take away before it ceases to be that thing?” “The Sorites Paradox.” “May I call this … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Squash

If it’s wintertime, it must be another squash recipe. This is another one to bake the squash ahead for.  It’s so much easier to do that.  Then you don’t have to manhandle a searing steamy squash and inevitably burn yourself.  … Continue reading

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Mushroom Caps with Basil-Pecan Stuffing

Sigh. When *I* say something has a lot of wheat germ in it, you can be sure that There Is A Great Deal Of Wheat Germ In It. I promise to put up my wheat-germ containing granola recipe soon, so … Continue reading

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Parsley Pesto

I found out years ago (through my work at WFM) that the pestos I liked best weren’t the super-authentic all-basil garlic pine nut Parmigiano Reggiano ones. Mostly, I found that using all those ingredients didn’t result in a balanced pesto, … Continue reading

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Veggie Bolognese

If you like mushrooms, you should make this. Even if you don’t like mushrooms, you should make this. It made a mushroom-tolerator out of me. I did not like mushrooms growing up. The whole idea of eating fungus – I … Continue reading

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