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A Different Kind of Fried Green Tomato

Well, no, those aren’t particularly green, are they? They do look suspiciously red. (They were green when Michele sold them to me on Saturday; I just didn’t get to them fast enough and they reddened on standing a few days.) … Continue reading

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A Simple Little Summer Dinner

Part of what I love about cooking is attempting to answer the question, "What can I do with these ingredients?" in continually new and different ways. When you eat strongly seasonally, you are almost forced to get better at painting … Continue reading

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Chickpeas in a Curried Tomato Sauce with Black Mission Figs

Today, I figured out exactly what I should make with the rest of the figs that came in our CSA box from TD Willey last week, something I would really enjoy: a chickpea curry with tomatoes, figs and sweet spices. … Continue reading

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Nano-Encapsulated Curcumin

Water-insoluble curcumin (the pigment in turmeric that has recently been undergoing research for its potentially cancer-fighting properties) has been encapsulated in nanospheres by researchers at Johns Hopkins and (where else?) the University of Delhi in order to make it more … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Dal

A couple weeks ago, I had suggested Chimp use yellow moong beans for a dish he was making for our dinner. When I came home from work, I found Chimp in the kitchen with a batch of lentils draining in … Continue reading

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Saag Story

I like to put up the repeatable recipes I come up with more often than not, and the great majority of them are, but I don’t mind putting up the odd ye-gods-let-this-serve-as-a-lesson-to-you-all post, especially if there are humorous moments or … Continue reading

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Mean Peas

It’s been a very long time since I shelled peas. I had plenty of time to try to think of when it might have been that I last did so while I was shelling the peas, since I don’t do … Continue reading

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