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Yellow Beans with a Chipotle Dressing

When you start looking around, it turns out that there are surprisingly few recipes for yellow beans out there. Now, I suppose you can do all the same things to yellow beans that you might do to green beans, but … Continue reading

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Mean Peas

It’s been a very long time since I shelled peas. I had plenty of time to try to think of when it might have been that I last did so while I was shelling the peas, since I don’t do … Continue reading

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Escarole Gratin

I had already washed the escarole from our first CSA box and cut it in quarters. I was searing it in olive oil, one quarter at a time, when Chimp walked into the kitchen. “Oh man,” he whined in mock … Continue reading

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Asparagus & Edamame Salad with Green Garlic

Edit 2/26/07: Hi Readers! If you’re visiting from the Bariatric Eating forums, please check out my post about the use of this recipe. Thanks, and enjoy your visit! This is another dish from a what’s good in the produce section? … Continue reading

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A Perfect Artichoke

Artichokes are one of my favorite vegetables – okay, all vegetables, save eggplant, are my favorite vegetables, which is a handy quality for a vegetarian, but artichokes are a special favorite. They’re coming into season now – there will be … Continue reading

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Carrot-Jicama Salad

Please pardon the plastic container in the image.  I wanted a picture of this before it got eaten today, so this one was taken between bites of cereal while I was trying to get out the door for work, so … Continue reading

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Lime-Cumin Carrots

Carrots always seem to be the last thing left in the fridge at our house the night before we absolutely must go to the grocery store.  At that point, they often go into a lentil salad or get roasted with … Continue reading

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